Article 24




24.0                Statement of Purpose  

The I-3 District is to permit certain industrial uses to locate in desirable areas of the Township, which uses are primarily of a manufacturing, assembling and fabricating character, including large scale or specialized industrial operations requiring good access by road and/or railroad, and needing special sites or public utility services.  Reasonable regulations apply to uses in this District, so as to permit the location of industries which will not cause adverse effects on residential and commercial areas in the Township.

    1. 24.1 Principal Permitted Uses 


The following provisions apply in all I-3 Districts.  In no I-3 District, no person shall hereafter use any building or structure except in accordance with the following provisions:

  1. Light, medium and heavy industrial uses including manufacturing, processing, metal stamping and automobile and truck assembly
  2. Cleaning and dyeing plants
  3. Underground bulk liquid storage
  4. Transport terminals, including railway yards
  5. Recycling depots and recycling operations
  6. Concrete and paving establishments
  7. Building or contracting yards
  8. Industrially oriented offices
  9. Material storage facilities
  10. Warehousing.
  11. Retail sales outlets accessory to the main use
  12. Equipment repair and servicing shops
  13. Machine shops


    1. 24.2 Site and Landscape Plan Review 

For all uses permitted in the I-3 District, a site plan shall be submitted to the Township Zoning Board of Appeals for its review and recommendations.  The Zoning Board of Appeals in its review of the site plan, shall have regard to the provisions of Section 28.19.  The Board may require certain modifications in terms of the location of buildings, parking and driveways and may require screening and landscaping techniques to ameliorate potential nuisance problems with adjoining districts or uses or to lessen the transmission of noise from the public street system.

    1. 24.3 Screening/Buffering  


Screening or buffering in compliance with the provisions of Article 28.  A minimum of a two hundred (200) foot buffer shall be provided adjacent to Residential Districts.

    1. 24.4 Development Standards


a.         Minimum Lot Area:                                      3 acres
b.         Minimum Lot Width:                                                300 feet
c.         Minimum Front Yard:                                  80 feet
d.         Minimum Rear Yard:                                   50 feet
e.         Minimum Side Yard:                                    30 feet
f.          Maximum Height:                                         50 feet

24.5                Required Parking  

                        As specified in Article 30.

24.6                Signs

                        As specified in Article 31.

24.7                Accessory Buildings  

  1. No accessory building shall be used for human habitation.
  2. No accessory building shall be located between the street line and any setback line established by this Resolution.
  3. No accessory building shall be located in any side yard required by this Resolution.
  4. No accessory building shall be located within two (2) feet of any lot line, except that two adjoining property owners may erect accessory buildings with a common party wall.
  5. No accessory building shall cover more than ten (10%) percent of the lot area.


    1. 24.8 Industrial Performance Standards 
  1. Noise:  Shall be muffled so as not to become objectionable due to intermittence, beat frequency or shrillness.
  2. Odor:  The emission of obnoxious odors of any kind shall not be permitted.
  3. Gases, Smoke, Dust, Dirt and Fly Ash:  The emission of gases, smoke, dust, dirt and fly ash shall in no manner be unclean, destructive, unhealthful, hazardous or deleterious to the general welfare.  Such emission shall be in strict conformity with all applicable State and County health laws as pertaining to air pollution and smoke abatement.
  4. Fire and Safety Hazards:  The storage and handling of flammable liquids, liquefied petroleum gases and explosives, shall comply with all regulations of the Township Fire Department and with all State rules and regulations.  Further, all storage tanks for flammable liquid materials above ground shall be located not less than one hundred fifty (150) feet from all property lines and shall be completely surrounded by earth embankments, dikes or other type of retaining wall which will contain the total capacity of all tanks so enclosed.


Bulk storage tanks of flammable liquids below ground shall be located not closer to the property line than the greatest depth to the bottom of the buried tank.

Open Storage:  All storage of building materials, sand, gravel, stone, lumber, equipment and other supplies, shall be located within an area not closer than one hundred and fifty (150) feet from any street right-of-way line.  The storage of lumber, coal or other combustible material shall not be less than twenty (20) feet from any interior lot line and a roadway shall be provided, graded, surfaced and maintained from the street to the rear of the property to permit free access of fire trucks at any time.  All such open storage shall be screened from all streets and on all sides which abut any residential districts, by a solid eight (8) foot masonry wall sufficient to serve as a permanent retaining wall.  Junk yards, when permitted, shall be entirely enclosed on all sides by said wall.