Article 21



  1. Statement of Purpose

The P.B.O. District is designed to encourage the grouping of similarly related land uses.  Past practices which witnessed the intermixing of all commercial uses have been found undesirable because the uses were not necessarily related.  This brought about numerous pedestrian and automobile conflicts.  A greater dependency upon the automobile was created in which greater shopping movement was encouraged.  Centralizing office activities facilitates pedestrian movement and convenience in terms of satisfying activity demands with the minimum physical movement.  For this reason, clustering of office uses as distinct from retail activity is seen as desirable.

21.1                Principal Permitted Uses  

In a P.B.O. District, no person shall hereafter use any building, structure or land and no person shall erect any building or structure except in accordance with the following provisions:

  1. Office buildings for any of the following occupations:  executive, administrative, professional, accounting, writing, clercial, stenographic,  drafting and sales subject to the limitations contained in Section 20.1, Required Conditions.
  2. Medical offices, including clinics.
  3. Other uses similar to the above uses, as determined by the Zoning Board of Appeals.


21.2                Required Conditions  

No interior display shall be visible from the exterior of the building and the total area devoted to display, including both the objects displayed and the floor space set aside for persons observing the displayed objects, shall not exceed twenty five (25%) percent of the usable floor area of either the first or second story or in the basement.  The outdoor storage of goods of materials shall be prohibited.  Warehousing of indoor storage of goods or material, beyond that normally incidental to the above permitted uses, shall be prohibited.

    1. 21.3 Site and Landscape Plan Review 


For all uses permitted in the P.B.O. District, a site plan shall be submitted to the Township Zoning Commission for its review and recommendations.  The Zoning Commission in its review of the site plan, shall have regard to the provisions of this Resolution.  The Commission may require certain modifications in terms of the location of buildings, parking and driveways may require screening and landscaping and driveways may require screening and landscaping techniques to ameliorate potential nuisance problems with adjoining districts or uses or to lessen the transmission of noise from the public street system.  A site plan must be submitted in accordance with the provisions of Article 28, Section 28.19.

    1. 21.4 Screening/Buffering 


To assist in the prevention of the transmission of light and noise from within any commercial district into any abutting residential district, screening shall be required where such district abuts or is contiguous to any residential district, without an intervening alley or other public way.  Such screening shall be provided within the commercial district, but not within a public street or alley, along the entire contiguity of said districts.  Screening shall be of opaque or translucent materials resistant to deterioration by natural causes, or it shall be of such plant materials as will provide a year round evergreen screening.  Screening as provided herein, shall not be less than six (6) feet in height, shall be provided from the grade of the property upward and shall be permanently maintained.

Screening or buffering must also be in compliance with the provisions of Article 28, Section 28.18.

    1. 20.5 Development Standards 


a.         Minimum Area:                                             20,000 square feet
b.         Minimum Frontage:                                     100 feet
c.         Minimum Front Yard:                                  25 feet
d.         Minimum Side Yard:                                    10 feet
e.         Minimum Rear Yard:                                   25 feet
f.          Minimum Setback for Corner Lots:           25 feet
g.         Maximum Height:                                         50 feet

21.6                Required Parking  

                        As specified in Article 30.

21.7                Signs 

                        As specified in Article 31.