Article 19




19.0                Statement of Purpose  

The C-2 District is designed to accommodate all types of businesses, including but not limited to, those uses intended to serve passing motorists, those uses requiring large sites and major shopping centers.  The C-2 District uses are typified by having a majority of the following characteristics:

  1. They are large space users.
  2. Their customers do not make frequent purchases.
  3. They combine retail, wholesale, service and repair in various ways.
  4. Their market is regional as contrasted to local.
  5. Their market area is partially dependent upon extending services to other business uses and not necessarily household oriented.


    1. 18.1 Principal Permitted Uses

In a C-2 District, no person shall hereafter use any building, structure or land and no person shall erect any building or structure except in accordance with the following provisions:

  1. All principal uses permitted in the C-1 District except that shopping centers shall be subject to the regulations of Article 19.
  2. Any service establishment of an office, showroom or workshop nature of an electrician, decorator, dressmaker, tailor, baker, painter, upholsterer;  or establishment doing radio or home appliance repair, photographic reproduction and similar service establishments that require a retail adjunct.
  3. All retail business establishments conducted within a completely enclosed building except those listed separately as conditional uses in this District.
  4. Wholesale business establishments conducted within a completely enclosed building.
  5. Dormitories, fraternities, clubs, lodges, social or recreational buildings.
  6. Sales establishments, such as for real estate and insurance conducted within a completely enclosed building, except those listed separately as conditional uses in this District.
  7. Repair shops conducted within a completely enclosed building except those listed separately as conditional uses in this District.
  8. Public buildings and uses.


  1. Business schools and colleges or private trade schools operated for profit.
  2. Offices.
  3. Restaurants or other places serving food and beverages.
  4. Theaters, assembly halls, concert halls or similar places of assembly, conducted completely within an enclosed building.
  5. Hotels and motels.
  6. Accessory structures and uses customarily incidental to the above permitted uses.

19.2                Conditionally Permitted Uses  

The following uses shall be permitted by the Township Board of Zoning Appeals pursuant to Article 9 subject to the conditions imposed herein and subject further to the procedure, where applicably indicated in Article 9.

  1. Automobile service stations and repair garages.
  2. Automotive dealership.
  3. Recreation vehicle sales and service, including boats, snowmobiles, travel trailers, campers, tents and accessory equipment peculiar to the above, motor vehicle sales and service;  and farm implement sales and service.
  4. Any business of a drive-in nature or so called open front store or open air business, subject to the following conditions:


  1. A setback of at least sixty (60) feet from the right-of-way line of any existing or proposed street must be maintained.
  2. Ingress and egress points shall be located at least fifty (50) feet from the right-of-way of the intersection of any two (2) streets.
  3. All lighting shall be shielded from adjacent residential districts.
  4. A completely obscuring wall at least six (6) feet high shall be provided when abutting or adjacent to any residential district.
  1. Open air commercial amusements provided that such uses would not have an adverse effect on surrounding properties and that they be appropriately screened from adjacent properties so as to reduce potential noise, glare and vehicular and pedestrian traffic congestion.
  2. Veterinary hospitals or clinics, provided all activities are conducted within a totally enclosed main building and provided further that all abutting or adjacent property is non-residentially zoned.
  3. Travel trailer parks and accessory structures and uses customarily incidental to the park, all subject to the provisions of Article 9.
  4. Bowling alley, billiard hall, indoor archery range or indoor skating rink or similar forms of indoor recreation when located at least one hundred (100) feet from any front, rear or side yard of any residential lot in an adjacent residential district.
  5. Planned Shopping Center when used in this context means a commercial development which has been designed, developed and operated as a unit and can satisfy the following criteria:  a site exceeding ten (10) acres;  at least twenty (20) stores and a floor area of at least 50,000 square feet.


a.         A planting strip at least ten (10) feet wide shall be provided around the entire perimeter of the site except for driveways onto the public street system.  A wall not less than five (5) feet high may be required along those property lines which abut a residential district.

  1. No main or accessory building shall be situated less than one hundred (100) feet from any residential district boundary and public street except that such buildings may be situated within twenty (20) feet of a non-residential district boundary.
  2. A landscape plan which includes the entire site shall be submitted for approval to determine compliance with screening and planting strips.
  3. On site pedestrian and vehicle circulation shall be designed to limit traffic hazards.
  4. Internal landscaping shall be provided in parking lots containing twenty five (25) spaces or more.
  5. The maximum grade of off-street parking shall be three (3%) percent.
  6. A site plan must be submitted subject to the provisions of Section 27.
  1. Transmitter/Receiver Towers, subject to the provisions of Article 9.


19.3                Development Standards  

                        a.         Minimum Area:                                 1.5 acre
b.         Minimum Frontage:                         200 feet
c.         Minimum Rear Yard:                       20 feet
d.         Minimum Side Yard:                        20 feet
e.         Maximum Height:                             50 feet
(buildings above two (2) stories of forty (40) feet shall have sprinkler systems in accordance with state and local fire codes)
f.          Minimum Setback for Corner Lots:
½ the required front yard setback

19.4                Site and Landscape Plan Review  

For all uses permitted in the C-2 District, a site plan shall be submitted to the Township Zoning Commission for its review and recommendations.  The Zoning Commission in its review of the site plan, shall have regard to the provisions of this Resolution.  The Commission may require certain modifications in terms of the location of buildings, parking and driveways may required screening and landscaping techniques to ameliorate potential nuisance problems with adjoining districts or uses or to lessen the transmission of noise from the public street system.  A site plan must be submitted in accordance with the provisions of Article 28, Section 28.19.

    1. 19.5 Screening/Buffering


To assist in the prevention of the transmission of light and noise from within any commercial district into any abutting residential district, screening shall be required where such district abuts or is contiguous to any residential district, without an intervening alley or other public way.  Such screening shall be provided within the commercial district, but not within a public street or alley, along the entire contiguity of said districts.  Screening shall be of opaque or translucent materials resistant to deterioration by natural causes, or it shall be of such plant materials as will provide a year round evergreen screening.  Screening as provided herein, shall not be less than six (6) feet in height, shall be provided from the grade of the property upward and shall be permanently maintained.  A minimum of a one hundred (100) foot buffer shall be provided adjacent to Residential Districts.

Screening or buffering must also be in compliance with the provisions of Article 28, Section 28.18.

    1. 19.6 Required Parking


As specified in Article 30.

    1. 19.7 Signs 


As specified in Article 31.

    1. 19.8 Accessory Structures


  1. Accessory structures shall not exceed the principal structure in area and/or height.
  2. No accessory structure or aggregate of accessory structures shall cover more than ten (10) percent of the total lot area.
  3. a single accessory structure shall not exceed 2,500 square feet in area and/or thirty-five (35) feet in height.
  4. An accessory structure shall be a minimum of thirty (30) feet from any main structure.
  5. No accessory structure shall be located between the street line and the front yard setback line.
  6. No accessory structure shall be located within thirty (30) feet of any lot line, street line or alley.
  7. Accessory structure use must be incidental to the use of the principal structure and shall not house separate business.
  8. No accessory structure shall be used for human habitation.