Article 17




  1. Statement of Purpose    

The provisions of this Section provides for the location and regulation of manufactured home parks in order to foster their development and maintenance as an integral and stable part of the community.

17.1                Establishment Procedures      

Manufactured home parks shall be located only in the Manufactured Home Park District (R-MH) and shall be developed according to the standards and regulations stated.  The procedure to amend the official zoning map to establish the R-MH District shall be that procedure for amendments, specified in Article 8.

17.2                Principal Permitted Uses  

                        Principal permitted uses are as follows:

  1. Mobile homes
  2. Mobile home parks
  3. Parks, playfields, playgrounds and other recreational facilities
  4. Accessory building and uses customarily incidental to the above principle permitted uses.

    1. 17.3 Prohibited Uses


Individual mobile homes shall be prohibited in all districts except as provided in this section.  A permit may be issued by the Zoning Inspector for a period not to exceed one (1) year to a construction company for the use of a trailer as a field office.

17.4                Site and Size Requirements  

Minimum site size for manufactured home parks shall be ten (10) acres.

17.5                Maximum Density 

                        Maximum density shall be seven (7) units per acre.



    1. 17.6 Minimum Setback Requirements

A minimum setback of fifty (50) feet from all property shall be required for all buildings and structures.

    1. 17.7 Approval Procedures


Manufactured home parks shall be located only in the Manufactured Home Park District (R-MH) and shall be developed according to the standards and regulations stated and referenced in this section.

    1. 17.8 General Standards for Manufactured Home Parks


The Zoning Commission shall review the particular facts and circumstances of each proposed manufactured home park development in terms of the following standards and shall find adequate evidence that such development meets these standards:

1.         The proposed park will be served adequately by essential public facilities and services such as highways, streets, drainage, refuse disposal, schools, police and fire protection or that the persons or agencies proposing the establishment of the park shall be able to provide any such services adequately;
2.         The vehicular approaches to the proposed park property will be so designed as not to create traffic interference or congestion on surrounding public streets or roads;

  1. The establishment of the proposed park will not result in the damage, destruction, or loss of any natural, scenic or historic features of major importance;
  2. The establishment of the proposed park shall not be demonstrably detrimental to the value of surrounding properties or to the character of the adjacent neighborhoods.

    1. 17.9 Manufactured Home Park Requirements


All manufactured home parks shall comply with the requirements of Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3701 promulgated by the Ohio Public Health Council in accordance with Chapter 3733 of the Ohio Revised Code.