Article 12




12.0                Statement of Purpose

The Conservation/Recreation District is designed to encourage the development of land for “open space” recreational activities or preserve natural resources;  a secondary purpose is that of protecting the public health, safety, comfort and welfare and reducing financial burdens imposed on the community and its individuals by restricting the use of those areas in the township which may be subject to periodic flooding or which constitute water retention or recharge areas.  This district is not intended to encourage retail commercial operations.

12.1                Permitted Uses

Land located in the CR District shall be used for the following purposes only:

  1. Agriculture, including incidental agricultural structures.
  2. Botanical gardens and arboretums.
  3. Forest preserves, wildlife reservations and ecological sanctuaries.
  4. Parks and playgrounds.
  5. Zoological gardens.
  6. Accessory uses and buildings, incidental to and on the same zoning lot as a principal use, as follows:


  1. Agricultural buildings and structures.
  2. Administration buildings or field houses.

12.2                Conditional Uses  

                        The following conditional uses may be allowed, subject to Article 9:

  1. Cultural facilities, including:  libraries, museums and similar cultural institutions.
  2. Educational facilities.
  3. Golf courses, tennis centers and similar open recreational activities.
  4. Municipal facilities.
  5. Nurseries, for the growing and sale of trees and shrubbery.
  6. Accessory uses and buildings, incidental to and on the same lot as a principal use.
  7. Recreational and social facilities.


12.3                Development Standards  

No permitted or conditional use shall be allowed in this district which is not provided with at least two (2) acres of lot area and two hundred (200) feet of lot width.

12.4                Setback from Property Lines  

                        No building or structure in the CR district shall be located closer                                          than fifty (50) feet from any property line.

12.5                Height Limitations    

No building or structure shall exceed thirty (30) feet in height.

12.6                Required Parking  

                        As specified in Article 30.

    1. 12.7 Signs 


As specified in Article 31.

12.8                Site and Landscape Plan Review  

For all uses permitted in the CR District, a site plan shall be submitted in accordance with the provisions of Article 27, Section 27.19.

12.9                Screen/Buffering  

Screening or buffering in compliance with the provisions of Article 27, Section 27.18